Shaquille O'Neal's girlfriend, Nicole Hoopz Alexander, showed off her strength as she carried her 325-pound, basketball-playing boyfriend across Jimmy Kimmel's stage.

The recently retired NBA superstar made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, to promote his book Shaq: Uncut. The question of his relationship with Hoopz was brought up by Kimmel.

Kimmel had a photograph of the two together and commented on the height difference, saying it made it look like Shaq was taking his daughter to kindergarten and asked the former Los Angeles Lakers star how it worked.

She's a fabulous lady and she's strong, and believe it or not, she can carry me on her back, Shaq said. If you don't believe me, I'll bring her out here and make her do it.

Hoopz, the host of VH1's television reality show Flavor of Love, is 5'2, while her boyfriend was listed at 7'2 and 325 pounds, late in his career.

However, moments later, Hoopz appeared from backstage and not only lifted Shaq up but even carried him several steps.

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