Shark Week 2014
Prepare for Shark Week 2014 with these 9 terrifying and terrible shark-themed movies. Discovery Channel/Andy Brandy Casagrande

Are you ready to sink your teeth into the 2014 premiere of Shark Week? We know we are! We’ve been waiting patiently -- or at least trying to -- for the hit Discovery Channel series to return to the small screen for a week long of fishy-fun. And now, finally, on Sunday, Aug. 10, at 8 p.m. EDT all our deep-sea dreams will come true!

[Check out the 2014 Shark Week programs here!]

But after checking out the program list we really don’t know if we’re sufficiently prepared for the 27th anniversary of Shark Week -- we can’t be the only ones who think it looks pretty intense. So, to help get our heart rates up to a healthy-Shark Week level, we’re going to binge watch a few of the most terrifying and terrible shark movies of all time. Care to join? Cue the “Jaws” theme song!

1. “Jaws” -- Obviously the Steven Spielberg classic (along with “Jaws 2” and “Jaws 3-D”) are on our list. Pick one -- or watch all three -- of these thrillers (we suggest “Jaws 3-D” starring the dreamy Dennis Quaid) to help get your feet wet for the 2014 series of Shark Week.

2. “Shark Night 3D” -- If “Jaws” made you weary of the ocean then “Shark Night 3D” will certainly take care of your fear for freshwater. The horror story tells the gruesome tale of what happened when a group of vacationers took a dip in a shark-filled lake. Editor’s choice*

3. “The Reef”- Any horror story “based on real events” automatically gets a bump in the spook factor. The 2010 thriller tells the scream-worthy story a great white shark that hunted down a crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef.

4. “Deep Blue Sea” -- Scared of sharks? How about a group of sharks with intelligence that has been enhanced thanks to scientists? Watch Samuel L. Jackson try to throw down against a bunch of sharp tooth predators in this 1999 flick.

5. “Open Water” -- This 2003 film will make you lift your nose to the thought of scuba diving. The movie is “based on the true story” of two divers who get left behind on a trip -- smack dab in the middle of shark-infested waters.

6. “Bait” -- What’s worse than a tsunami? A tsunami that traps shoppers in a coastal Australian supermarket with a 12-foot great white shark.

7. “Sand Shark” -- Now that we’ve named some bone chilling shark features, here’s a few flicks to make you chuckle, starting with this 2011 … comedy? The movie, starring Brooke Hogan, reveals the tale of a sand-swimming shark that terrorizes spring breakers.

8. "Avalanche Sharks” -- The snow-top covered hills have teeth! Check out this hilarious movie of an “ancient” creature attacking a mountain resort. Who knows, maybe it'll have you rethink hitting the slopes this winter!

9. “Swamp Shark” -- Looks like the gators have some company! The 2011 flick stars one of the ugliest looking sharks in this film about a freshwater-swimming creature.

What's your favorite shark-themed movie? Share your favorite finny-films in the comments section below!