The celebrity athletes will continue to make Shark Week appearances. Discovery Channel’s Monday night lineup features Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski, making this a jawsome night for sports fans. Check out the full primetime schedule for Monday night below:

7 p.m. EDT — “Ronda Rousey Uncaged: Sharkopedia Edition” — Catch an encore of the fighter’s Sunday Shark Week special, but this time, there will be special fun facts popping up throughout the hour.

8 p.m. EDT — “Monster Tag” — Football players Rodgers and Gronkowski as well as Olympic skier Vonn learn why shark populations are in trouble. They also meet the researchers using satellite technology to help the cold-blooded animals. If they can figure out where sharks eat, mate and give birth, they’ll be able to better protect them. Propagate Content produced this special.

9 p.m. EDT — “Great White Abyss” — These experts want to find giant sharks. A 20-foot female once was spotted in the waters of Guadalupe Island, and Dr. Mauricio Hoyos thinks other giant sharks could be there too. He’ll explore by going deep water cage diving and exploring via submarine with shark diver Jimi Partington and cinematographer Andy Casagrande in this Shark Week special, produced by Anomaly Entertainment.

Shark Week schedule
Monday night's Shark Week 2018 schedule features a fighter, two football players and an alpine skier learning about the finned fish. Discovery Channel

10 p.m. EDT — “Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair” — This is another hunt for giant sharks, but this time, researchers are headed into Cuba. In 1945, El Monstruo became one of the largest Great White sharks on record after being captured in Cuba, and giant shark sightings continued. With Cuba now allowing outsiders in, Shark Week and production company ITV are sending in two research teams. One will search for another massive Great White while the second will search for a Great Hammerhead known as The Queen.

11 p.m. EDT — “Shark After Dark” — Host Julian McCullough will be joined by Lindsey Vonn as well as shark experts Riley Elliot and Tristan Guttridge for the live after show.

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