"Sharknado 2: The Second One" will be released in 2014. Syfy

Loved Syfy’s original movie, “Sharknado?” Big fan of dinosaurs? Well, we have some fabulous news for you. According to “Sharknado” star Tara Reid, the sequel could potentially be about dinosaur sharks!

Reid, 37, recently spoke with Radio Times about her hit straight-to-TV movie and dished that while she’s not sure there really is a sequel, there has been some talk about the plot. (Spoiler alert: Syfy confirmed in mid-July that “Sharknado 2” would be released in 2014.)

“There’s talk that the whole family gets together again and we go to Aspen and there’s, like, global warming as we’re skiing, all of a sudden it goes from -20 to 90 degrees,” explained Reid. “The glaciers come down and there’s, like, dinosaur sharks and they come alive again and they’re eating everyone. And because of all the water coming down the mountain they’re like, killing people in the street.”

Radio Times has cleverly labeled Tara Reid’s tale as “Sharknado 2: Dinosharknado,” but don’t get too excited just yet. The network said in a statement that the sharks will be invading the East Coast in the sequel – New York City to be exact.

“Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm – on television. The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel,” Thomas Vitale, Syfy’s executive vice president of programming and original movies, said in a statement. “What we can guarantee is that ‘Sharknado 2’ will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fun, I mean, fun next year.”

Fans of the movie have a chance to help title the “Sharknado” sequel. Syfy is asking that viewers tweet their title suggestions to @SyfyMovies using the #Sharknado hashtag.

As for those that can’t wait until 2014 for their Syfy shark fix? The network will be airing another original shark movie on August 23 – “Ghost Shark.” SlashFilm.com reports that the story is inspired by something that Vitale’s seven-year-old daughter said, but that there is a “logical reason” the swimming specter.