An audience member wearing a shark themed hat blows up an inflatable shark while attending a midnight screening of the U.S. cable television network Syfy film "Sharknado" in New York, August 2, 2013. The campy, low-budget TV disaster movie about a hurricane that unleashes an aerial shark attack on Los Angeles has proven that a B-movie can still be a big cult winner, especially when social media acts as its marketing machine. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, for just $25,000 you can secure a walk-on role and producer credit in the upcoming B-movie spectacular Sharknado II: The Second One.

The producers of the film started the Indiegogo campaign to fund a “bonus scene” for Sharknado II, which has finished filming and will premiere on July 31. The funding goal is $50,000 (that’s right, just one scene is $50,000)

Some of the more enticing rewards in the campaign include: $45 to have a shark named after you in the film, $120 to record and use your scream in the film and $5,000 to get a walk-on role in the film (either a death scene or heroic scene).

The folks behind Sharknado II aren’t revealing much about the bonus scene, but say “there will be sharks, chainsaws, and chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.”

They’ll also be donating 10 percent of funds raised to the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami.

Both Sharknado II and the first Sharknado were produced specifically for the Syfy television network. Sharknado brought 1.4 million viewers to the network during its premiere. Sharknado II will feature past stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid and will feature appearances by Vivica Fox, Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne and Andy Dick.

So far the campaign is on track to reach its $50,000 goal by May 30 deadline. Watch the Indiegogo promo video below: