Three months have passed since northern California mother Sherri Papini was found after she was abducted, but police have so far made no arrest in the case. As the mother of two continues to recover from the horrific incident, a new theory emerged Wednesday.

According to U.S. crime show "Crime Watch Daily," a source close to the investigation stated that Papini was abducted by sex traffickers who mistook her for a younger woman. Human trafficking was believed to be one of the reasons for Papini's abduction after police found her skin had been branded with “a message” — a practice commonly used by sex traffickers and street gangs.

“It was sexual trafficking. I think they saw what appeared to be a young girl and took her for that purpose,” the anonymous source said, according to Australia's

Papini disappeared on Nov. 2 while out jogging near her home in Redding, California. The 34-year-old was found heavily battered on Thanksgiving morning after being spotted by a motorist on Interstate 5 in Woodland, more than 150 miles from her home. Her husband Keith Papini was also a suspect in the case, however, he was later released after questioning.

Police are still searching for the suspects in the case, believed to be two Hispanic women — one with curly hair, and the other with straight hair — who had covered their faces and spoke mostly Spanish.

In the "Crime Watch Daily" show, Sherri Papini's friend acknowledged that there were "a lot" of questions remaining in the case, even though she said she fully believed "someone took her."

Sherri Papini has avoided making any public appearances since her return, but she was photographed outside her home in early January.

In an interview with ABC News in December, Keith Papini said that his wife's abduction scarred her severely.

“When lights are off, when doors shut, when she hears certain sounds, I mean it’s something that I don’t know how to deal with, and we’ll need somebody who can help her through that from a professional standpoint,” he said.