• SHINee and IU debuted in 2008
  • SHINee's seventh album, 'Don't Call Me,' was released on Feb. 22
  • IU revealed that she always wanted to work with Onew

Members of K-pop group SHINee appeared as guests on the talk show "IU's Palette" over the weekend to promote their latest album, "Don't Call Me." And it turned out to be a memorable event for fans as the musicians reminisced about their debut days, how they supported each other and more.

In the latest episode of the YouTube chat show, the SHINee members and IU touched everybody's hearts with their everlasting friendship as they opened up about their debut in 2008.

The artists revealed that they often promoted and talked about each other on several music shows in the past.

IU mentioned that whenever SHINee rehearsed for a performance, all the other rookie artists would come by to watch them as it was rare in those days to find a rookie group that can sing live and dance in sync at the same time.

The "Lucifer" hitmakers also recalled that IU, who debuted a few months after the group, was widely recognized as a skilled female vocalist and was extremely popular in the early stages of her career.

In 2012, IU and Taemin had a chance to collaborate for a duet performance at MBC's Korean Music Wave in Bangkok. IU revealed that they were unable to rehearse together until the day of the performance. Taemin couldn't hold back his laughter as the two had tried to make eye contact several times but failed miserably as they missed each other's timings, she said.

IU also talked about her special appearance on "Salamander Guru and the Shadows," a sitcom starring Minho, which was aired in 2012. She said she was impressed by his good looks, Soompi reported.

The "Celebrity" singer added that she didn't get an opportunity to work with Onew.

"It's my first time saying this but I think that your voice is most ideal to me. If I were a guy, your voice is very similar to how I wish mine would sound. I don't think your tone changes," IU revealed, leaving Onew surprised. "Whenever I've talked about a male vocalist I would like to work with, I've always thought of Onew."

Following this, SHINee and IU sang live versions of each other's hit songs. IU chose "Sherlock" by SHINee, while the boy band picked "Dear Name," a poetic song from IU's fourth studio album "Palette."

SHINee performed "Dear Name" with an emotional touch, as fans fell in love with the bittersweet version. IU said the song was "meant to be a condolence."

Meanwhile, SHINee's seventh album 'Don't Call Me,' which was released on Feb. 22, ranked No.1 on iTunes Top Album list in 47 countries and also topped several other charts around the world.

SHINee performing on stage
Members of South Korean boy band SHINee perform onstage during the MBC Music 'Show Champion' at Uniqlo-AX Hall on March 20, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. Han Myung-Gu/WireImage