• "Don't Call Me" is SHINee's first release in two and a half years
  • The lyrics convey the emotions of someone who’s been betrayed in love
  • The album consists of nine tracks 

South Korean band SHINee recently made a comeback with the release of their long-awaited full-length album and music video titled "Don’t Call Me" on Feb. 22.

"Don’t Call Me" is the seventh full-length album by the band, and their first release in two and a half years. The music video with the same name is the group’s first hip-hop dance single since its debut in 2008. The video, with its addicting dance choreography, showcases a new and darker side of SHINee that the Shawols (the name given to the fans of the band) hadn't seen before.

The lyrics convey the emotions of someone who’s been betrayed in love, and many people speculated they were addressed toward sasaeng fans (those who engage in obsessive or stalking behavior).

"The song is really great. It feels like it breaks the mold of the songs we released up until now with a single strong punch. It’s the song that Lee Soo Man treasured the most and was also in a line-up of possible songs for BoA‘s title track," the members said while talking about the title track during an online press conference Monday, Soompi reported.

"Following discharge from the military, it’s our first time releasing an album in two years and six months. I thought a lot in the military about how we could share good music and put on good promotions, and now we’re already here. We’re going to promote diligently, as we always do," Key said while addressing the group's comeback.

The new album consists of nine songs including "Don't Call Me," "Heart Attack," "Marry You," "Attention," "I Really Want You," "CØDE," "Kiss Kiss," "Body Rhythm," and "Kind."

Many K-pop fans took to Twitter to express their joy at the release of the music video and album:

"This is just beyond amazing. I'm not shocked, because I always knew #SHINee would only give us the best. But still. I'm impressed. Our boys DELIVERED!" a Twitter user commented.

"This music video has really blown my expectations out of the water. you all are so amazing. I will do my best to continue to support your dream. I love you so so so so so much," another user commented.

"I have sent the music video to 3 co-workers so far.... not all heroes wear capes," wrote a fan.

"After finally getting a chance to listen to the full album, my favorite b-sides so far are Heart Attack, Marry You, and Code," commented another Twitter user.

SHINee performing on stage
Members of South Korean boy band SHINee perform onstage during the MBC Music 'Show Champion' at Uniqlo-AX Hall on March 20, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. Han Myung-Gu/WireImage