Camilla Parker Bowles is not called “grandma” by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. By the looks of it, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby won’t call the Duchess of Cornwall “grandma” as well.

But on the online forum site Quora, royal fans weighed in on whether they think the royal children should refer to Camilla as grandma since she is technically their grandmother by law. The Duchess wed Prince Charles in a civil ceremony in 2005.

Elizabeth Nield, an ardent Anglophile, said that Camilla should be called grandma only if this is what Prince William and Prince Harry would agree on. Eileen Wood, a real estate agent, said that there is absolutely no reason for the young royals to not call Prince Charles’ wife grandma.

“Because she is their grandmother even if it’s a step-grandmother. She’s the only one paternal grandmother they will ever know… She’s married to their grandfather… There’s just no reason not to call her whatever they want,” she said.

Elizabeth Davies, a graduate of the University of Liverpool, said that what someone is called usually has no bearing on how their relationship is to the family. Deanna Eppers, an ardent follower of the royal family, also said that it is up to the kids to call Camilla whatever they want.

During a previous interview, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed that her own grandchildren call her Gaga. While speaking with Daily Mail, the mom of two said that she doesn’t know if the pet name was derived from the fact that her grandchildren think she is a little crazy.

Meanwhile, Prince William previously said in “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” that his three children only have two grandmothers in their lives: Princess Diana and Carole Middleton.

As such, it seems that this is why Camilla is not referred to as grandma by the young Cambridges because she is not their biological grandmother.

Prince William, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles Prince Harry
Prince William, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles and Prince Harry laugh during the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony on Sept. 10, 2014 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson