• The first debate has been heavily criticized for descending into chaos from the start and failing to get back on track
  • Biden was criticized for avoiding certain questions about his son Hunter while Trump has been hammered for failing to denounce white supremacist groups
  • Several outlets and political analysts are now questioning if the second and third planned debates should even take place

In the wake of the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the question on many people’s minds is simple: Should there be another?

“This was maybe the worst presidential debate in American history,” NPR said.

The chaotic scene in Cleveland on Tuesday night, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, degenerated into a barrage of interruptions, mostly by the president, that finally led to this outburst from Biden:

“Will you shut up, man?”

Two more presidential debates are scheduled for Oct. 15 and 22. Some are asking if we need them.

One of the first voices to push back against another debate was MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who did not mince words about it on Twitter. He said in several posts Biden and his team should outright refuse participating in the other two planned debates because of the way Trump acted.

Scarborough wasn’t the only one to float this idea, either.

Scott Jennings, a former special assistant to President George W. Bush and former campaign adviser for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, also wondered if we need another debate. Jennings told CNN that Tuesday night was a “hot mess” where seemingly nothing was accomplished.

“It leaves me wondering whether the next two debates are going to happen,” Jennings said.

The other voice at CNN to echo Jennings was David Axelrod, who said. “Biden has a decision to make. ... I don’t think the country will be yearning for these. You know what will happen if Biden says he doesn’t want to dignify another debate. I don’t think the country wants another one of these spectacles.”

The Atlantic also said “if there is any sense left in this nation,” the next two debates would be canceled.

“The event was a shambolic shout fest, with scarcely a single morsel of substance to be found,” The Atlantic said in its criticism. “President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, lied repeatedly, refused to condemn racist groups even after explicitly offering to do so, and sought to undermine trust in the election. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat, meandered through his positions, only occasionally finishing a sentence. Moderator Chris Wallace lost control within minutes and never regained it.”

Biden’s campaign has since made it clear the other debates will happen.

“We are going to the debates, guys,” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director, said during a post-debate call. “I don’t know how many different ways we can say it. Yes, we are going to do the debates.”

But one of Biden's most prominent supporters, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), said the former vice president should at least demand a rules change for the next skirmishes.

“It was very hard to follow what was being said, and President Trump showed not just disrespect to the moderator, but to the American people who tuned in trying to figure out what his plans are,” Coons said according to Politico.. “The point of the debate is for the American people to make a decision, informed by hearing from the two candidates on what’s your record, what are your values? Joe Biden came prepared to respect the American people. Donald Trump did not.”

While traders were keeping an eye on the presidential debate, there was little early reaction on markets to the conclusion
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