• Simon Pegg explained why there are two sequels for "Mission Impossible"
  • Pegg addressed the mask gag involving his character Benji Dunn
  • Pegg and Nick Frost recreated a scene from "Shaun of the Dead" amid the pandemic

Simon Pegg opened up about the upcoming “Mission Impossible” sequels.

Two “Mission Impossible” movies are coming soon and Pegg shared some juicy details about the sequels with Collider. According to Pegg, it has become a tradition for writer-director Christopher McQuarrie to take him out to dinner and act out the whole movie before production. However, he also added that most of what McQuarrie told him didn’t transpire in the film. But he explained why they opted for two sequels.

“But with this one he has a much clearer idea,” Pegg said.

“The reason we’re splitting it into two is because he’s determined to give everybody a proper emotional arc, a proper emotional detailed character arc. And instead of trying to cram it all into one film, he’s going to allow that arc to spread out over two.”

He also added that there will be a brief hiatus between “Mission: Impossible 7” and “Mission: Impossible 8.” He added that he already met the new actors who will be joining them. He knew they would be friends because they will be working together for nearly two years, which is an “interesting prospect.” He added that it was nice to have “job security.”

Meanwhile, Pegg also addressed the mask gag involving his character, Benji Dunn. Many felt that Benji had not worn a mask in the movie series, but he already did.

“That was one of the great things that McQ played the long game on, in terms of Benji. In ‘Ghost Protocol’, he wants to use a mask and in the end he can’t. In ‘Rogue Nation’, there’s a hypothetical scene where he’s wearing a mask but he never gets to do it. So there’s this running gag that Benji never gets to wear a mask,” Pegg explained.

“And in ‘Fallout’ I wear two – I got to be Wolf Blitzer, which was really fun because Wolf was on set. We had this fake news gag which was ahead of his time. And then Benji is disguised as another character. I think it’s been done.”

In related news, Pegg and Nick Frost recreated their famous scene from “Shaun of the Dead” as PSA for COVID-19. Both actors also starred in two other films, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End.”

Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg, pictured here at the Jameson Empire Awards 2015, recently started a rumor that Daniel Craig will appear as a Storm Trooper in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Getty