• "Project Rene" is the next-generation "The Sims" title
  • The game has no release window yet
  • "Project Rene" is presumably the code name of "The Sims 5."

Electronic Arts (EA), staying true to its promise of building "Project Rene" or "The SIms 5" on player feedback started playtesting the game to a select fec to gather feedback.

The playtest for "Project Rene" or "The Sims 5" is now live on EA but it appears that it is only available to a select few. Multiple gamers who want to get their hands on the early version of the next-generation "The Sims" game reported that they could not access the playtest.

Earlier reports revealed that those who were able to try the game via the playtest signed up and received emails inviting them to be a part of the initiative for "Project Rene," which reportedly started last Tuesday, October 25. This was later confirmed by EA community manager who goes by the name of Cade, who noted that the game's pre-alpha was available to some players who registered for the playtesting.

The email sent to participants notes, "This playtest will focus primarily on our new object customization tool currently called 'Workshop.'" The email also described a tool "meant to help you customize objects to decorate an apartment."

Apart from those, the email also encouraged gamers to "join sessions with your friends and/or join the private playtest Discord to find new friends to play with." Playtesters can bring up to three friends to sign up and join them in the testing, however, as mentioned earlier, some players, despite signing up, receiving the email invitation and getting approved reported either not finding the playtesting option in their EA account.

Electronic Arts has not yet said anything about this but it is most likely a small hiccup that would be resolved soon. It is worth noting that while EA already announced "Project Rene," the game is still shrouded in mystery.

The community learned that it is the next-generation "The Sims" game but the team did not confirm if it is the highly anticipated "The Sims 5" or it is an entirely new series iteration. After it was revealed during "Behind the Sims Summit" earlier this month, fans have learned that the upcoming title will offer better furniture customization and collaborative play.

EA also said that the game is still a long way from its release and fans can expect to hear more about this upcoming game's launch window perhaps in two year's time. The team has not yet revealed the release platform of "Project Rene."

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Project Rene by Electronic Arts Youtube Screenshot/ The SIms Official YouTube Channel