"Sister Wives" Season 6 Spoilers
Fans question if Kody Brown (left), pictured with wives Meri (center) and Christine (right), will learn about Meri’s online affair during the Season 6 finale of “Sister Wives.” TLC

Will Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal finally be addressed in the Season 6 finale of “Sister Wives”? That’s what fans of the hit TLC series have been left to speculate after the reality show failed to tackle the jaw-dropping subject, which first made headlines in October, during Sunday night’s installment.

Instead of touching upon Meri’s online affair with a woman who impersonated a man (like the trailer for episode 9 pledged), the episode focused on the Brown family’s vacation to Alaska, as well as the gender reveal of Robyn and Kody’s baby. And although it was exciting to find out that Robyn is expecting a little girl, audiences were upset that Meri’s catfish confession wasn’t disclosed in the installment.

Instead, viewers will have to wait until the Season 6 finale of “Sister Wives,” which will air on Sunday, Nov. 15, to find out how Kody and Meri’s fellow sister wives (Janelle, Christine and Robyn) will react to her online affair -- or at least, that’s what the trailer for the finale episode, titled “Meri Catfished,” promised.

“They don’t know what I brought into this family,” Meri says tearfully in the promo video for the upcoming installment, teasing just how emotional the finale will be.

However, some viewers have theorized that Meri’s confession may be spun into a Season 7 cliffhanger -- especially after the Meri-centric moment was cut from episode 9.

Although some fans are fearful they’ll have to wait until the TLC show is renewed for a seventh season to find out more about Meri’s online romance, we’re confident the anticipated moment will play out in the Season 6 finale. Not only is Meri’s confession teased in the episode 10 synopsis but fans also got a taste of the emotional reveal in a sneak-peek clip when Meri begins to confide in her family during dinner.

“I started talking to this person online,” she starts. “He was just saying all the rights things.”

Kody is surprised by Meri’s announcement and questions if his wife, whom he married in April 1990, will be leaving the family.

“It’s weird, some of the words she’s saying. It sounds like she’s leaving,” the patriarch of the plural family says in a confessional.

Do you think Meri’s catfishing moment will be turned into a Season 7 cliffhanger? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to the drama-stuffed Season 6 finale of “Sister Wives” when the episode airs Sunday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.