Sister Wives
Pictured L-R: Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown of “Sister Wives” in a promo photo for the new season.  Sister Wives Facebook


  • Meri Brown shared a cryptic post on Instagram saying that "there's so much more to the story"
  • The reality star's post came days after she confirmed her separation from her polygamist husband Kody Brown
  • Meri's fans wondered if she was writing a book

"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown posted a cryptic note about truths and narratives after her separation from Kody Brown.

Meri took to Instagram Wednesday to share a photo of her holding what appears to be a notebook, with the text overlay: "There's so much more to the story..."

In the caption, the 51-year-old TLC star reminded her followers that they may not know all the details of the split.

"Not all is always as it seems. Often, we accept a version of a story as truth because it fits the narrative we've created, or what we want to believe. It's not always about what you're looking at but also where you're looking from. Everyone has their own experiences and their own truths. Remember, no matter how flat the pancake is, it always has two sides," she wrote.

Fans suggested in the comments section of Meri's post that she may be writing a book, with many encouraging her to speak her truth.

"OK, are you writing a book or something? This is like the third cryptic post," one commented.

"But you never tell your side, so we just hear the other side because those people aren't afraid to talk. You post these pics holding books saying there are 2 sides to each story, but again you stay quiet. Instead of posting the awkward pictures, just share your side and be done," another wrote.

"The reason there is apparently 'more to the story' is that the whole narrative for this show was not honest. You all did not tell the truth as things played out for the past decade. The whole thing was just a ploy for 'money' to keep stringing the viewers along with false narratives," a third user speculated.

Meri announced that her 32-year marriage with Kody has ended after watching footage of him saying that he doesn't consider himself married to her in the first "Sister Wives: One on One" episode, which aired Sunday.

"If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn't get an argument with me," Kody told cameras in a confessional.

During a conversation, host Sukanya Krishnan asked Meri how it makes her feel to hear those words from her husband.

"It just doesn't make sense to me that he would be so frustrated with Christine [Brown] and be like, 'She just made this decision. We didn't consult, we didn't talk, she just made the decision and then he says, 'No, I don't consider myself married to Meri,'" the reality star said. "Like, he just made the decision. I've never heard him say that to me."

When Krishnan asked Meri about the current status of their relationship, she clarified that they were no longer together as Kody had clearly "already made the decision" to leave her.

Meri said she "definitely would" consider reconciling but admitted that Kody was not "interested."

The Brown family patriarch has one wife left, Robyn Brown, whom he legally married in 2014. Kody and Christine separated in November 2021. Janelle Brown also announced that they were no longer together just days before Meri confirmed their split.

Kody Brown gets an ultimatum from one of his “Sister Wives” on the newest episode of the show. Pictured L-R are Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown at the grand opening of “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth-Live on Stage” in Las Vegas on April 14, 2012 Ethan Miller/Getty Images