sister wives season 6 spoilers
Janelle Brown (left), Christine Brown (second to left), Meri Brown (second to right) and Robyn Brown (right) will face new drama in Season 6, episode 4 of "Sister Wives." TLC

If you thought episode 3 would be the last time you heard Kody Brown talk like a buccaneer – boy, were you wrong matey. According to the synopsis for the upcoming Season 6 installment of “Sister Wives,” the patriarch of the plural clan will continue speaking in pirate tongue as he and his family partake in the Las Vegas annual pirate festival in episode 4.

The summary for the impending installment, titled “Just Trying to Stay Afloat,” will involve the Brown family building cardboard boats and racing them against other eye-patch sporting pirate enthusiasts – including each other!

The synopsis states that Janelle’s family will build one entry while Christine and Robyn’s families will work together on another boat. But of course, what is a pirate festival without a little salty drama? In the promo video for the upcoming episode it was revealed that Christine and Kody will continue to butt heads even after their therapeutic trip to Galveston.

In episode 3, the twosome celebrated their 21st anniversary by packing their bags and making their way to Texas to reunite with their old friend Pat, who previously acted as the couple’s therapist. But the duo didn’t go alone. They also brought their current counselor, Nancy, to travel with them in hopes that the two doctors could help the long-time partners patch up their spotty relationship.

Christine explained that she and Kody were lacking in the intimacy area due to miscommunication. So, Nancy challenged the married couple to partake in an experiment, which would highlight the troubling areas of their relationship. The therapy session involved building a carin, a stack of stones, to represent their partnership. While Christine wanted to create a fixture honoring their romance, Kody wanted to build one that signified their family as a whole.

“It was very heartbreaking and frustrating,” Christine noted after Kody “bulldozed” her idea to run with his own.

By the end of their getaway, the two were able to understand one another's point of view. Kody understood that Christine was longing for one-on-one time with him and Christine began to realize why Kody was adamant about always including the entire family. But despite their revelations, Christine questioned if the two would be able to “hold on to that magical time together” and bring back what they learned when they returned home.

The trailer for the upcoming episode proves that the twosome may have more trouble using their newfound communications skills than they originally thought. In fact, it looks like Robyn will even get involved in their bickering before someone is forced to walk the plank.

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.