The adoption drama continued during episode 3 of “Sister Wives.” The Season 6 installment, titled “Marriage Counseling Texas Style,” began with Robyn Brown revealing the troubling news about her ex. Apparently the father of her eldest three children has been making the adoption process extremely difficult for the plural clan by dodging phone calls from the Brown’s lawyer and avoiding getting served.

“I don’t want to go to war with him,” Robyn said during the confessional after explaining Dayton, Aurora and Breanna’s father’s antics have delayed the adoption process.

But despite all the setbacks, the Brown family’s lawyer remains optimistic Kody will be able to adopt Robyn’s kids -- that is, if Robyn’s ex “makes it easy” for them by stepping up to the plate and following along with the legal process, Kody said.

However, episode 3 didn’t just center on the emotional adoption of Robyn’s kids. The Season 12 installment also focused on Kody and Christine Brown’s rocky relationship. In “Marriage Counseling Texas Style” the two, who were spiritually married in March 1994, pack their bags and head to Galveston, Texas, to celebrate their 21st anniversary. But the twosome use the ceremonious event as an excuse to pay their friend Pat, who lives in Galveston, a visit.

Pat was the family’s former therapist. But after moving to Texas, she still managed to remain close with the Brown’s. However, with Pat living in a different state the polygamist clan needed to find a new therapist, which is when they met Nancy -- who Kody reveals is tagging along on the anniversary trip to help him and Christine confront their “intimacy and communication” issues.

“Christine and I need help so we’re going to take Nancy, our family therapist in Las Vegas, so she can get us straightened out,” he reveals, adding that they’re really going on a “couple’s therapy trip”

Christine notes it’s strange but bolster’s Kody’s sentiment that the relationship could definitely use an interference.

“I reached a point where almost everyday is hard,” Christine said in a confessional, revealing she previously struggled with the plural marriage, jealousy and anger.

The couple spent the first part of their anniversary all smiles as they hunted for “pirate booty,” which makes sense after it is revealed Galveston has a history of pirates. However, their romantic getaway takes a distressing turn when the buccaneers are forced to walk the plank and dive head first into their relationship issues.

Nancy conducted a therapy session requiring the two to build a cairn, a stack of stones, to represent their partnership. While Kody wants to build a fixture based on the “value of the whole family” Christine has her heart set on building one to signify her personal romance with Kody. But Kody “bulldozes” her idea, forcing his wife to once again follow his lead.

“In the end he’s not going to do what I want him to do at all,” Christine said. “There was no way I was going to win. So I tried to lose with grace. Just build the tower how he wants.”

By the end of the experiment, the two recognize they didn’t work well together due to lack of communication.

“It was very heartbreaking and frustrating,” Kody’s wife says of the rock building trial. “It was awful.”

However, by the time their romantic getaway concluded, Christine revealed to Kody that their trip helped her understand why he’s so adamant about including the whole family. Kody also admitted to uncovering a “revelation” during their anniversary adventure.

“The greatest lesson for me is that I have to understand their pain,” he noted.

But can the couple take what they learned from their anniversary getaway and apply it to their chaotic lives back home? That’s what worried Christine as she questioned how she and Kody can “hold on to that magical time together.”

Kody, however, was convinced they’ll be more conscious of communicating on their return to the real world.

Fans will find out how Kody and Christine’s relationship has faired since their couple’s therapy/anniversary retreat when “Sister Wives” airs episode 4 on Sunday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.