“Sister Wives” might not be airing its Season 6 premiere until the fall, but TLC has decided to give impatient fans (that includes us) something to tide them over until the beloved Brown family returns for more shenanigans in the new installment of the reality series, which was renewed for another season in February.

On Thursday, the network released a lengthy trailer featuring expecting parents Kody and Robyn Brown which shared with audiences an in-depth look at the twosome’s relationship over the years, ranging from when they first met to the birth of their child, Solomon, in 2011. The trailer also touched upon controversial topics like Robyn and Christine’s rocky relationship to Robyn’s fear over announcing her first pregnancy with Kody to the family.

1. How They First Met

According to Kody’s ex-wife, Meri, (Kody and Meri are still together, but legally divorced in 2014), she and Kody first met Robyn while paying a visit to a friend.

“And Robyn happens to be this friend’s cousin,” she explained in the confessional.

2. Kody Pops The Question

After four long months of courting Robyn (according to Kody, four months is a long time by “polygamist standards”), the Brown patriarch popped the question to Robyn, asking her to be his fourth spiritual wife. To make the proposal official, Kody slid a string ring on Robyn’s finger.

“This is awesome,” she said while donning the band made of yarn. (Eventually Robyn did get a diamond ring as seen in the trailer.)

3. Robyn Was Reluctant To Tell Meri She Was Pregnant

In the trailer, Robyn reveals she and Kody discussed when would be the right time to tell their family about the baby growing in her belly. But from the hesitation in Robyn’s voice, it seemed like she could never find the perfect moment to announce her pregnancy to Meri.

“Yay,” Meri responded to the news.

“Really?” Robyn questioned her enthusiasm.

4. Robyn And Christine Feud Unveiled

“Things have been a little bit rocky between Christine and I,” Robyn revealed in the video. “I think because she’s perceived me as maybe coming in and throwing off her marriage with Kody.”

However, the ladies hashed out their feelings for one another and their general respect towards each other during a lunch outing.

“I want a good relationship with you,” Robyn said to her sister wife.

“So do I, so do I,” Christine answered.

“Sister Wives” will return with its sixth season this fall on TLC.