Malie Metalwala, the four-year-old sister of missing Texas toddler, Sky Metalwala, has been returned to the custody of their father, Solomon Metalwala, on Friday. The news was confirmed by Metalwala's attorney to KING 5 News. The news of restoration of custody comes after Malie was placed in foster care, following the reported disappearance of Sky, 2, while in the care of their mother, Julia Biryukova.

A court ruled, on Dec. 5, saying Malie should be restored to her father, following earlier reports that Biryukova and Metalwala had gone through a bitter divorce and have been fighting for custody of their children for more than a year now.

Sky disappeared, according to his mother, from the rear seat of her car, in Bellevue. She said at the time that she was taking her son to the hospital because he was not keeping well. The car apparently ran out fuel on the way to the hospital and she claimed to have stopped the vehicle by the side of the highway, leaving Sky in the rear seat and taking her four-year-old daughter to a gas station, a mile away. According to the report in the Huffington Post, when she returned, Sky was missing. This happened, according to her statement, on the morning of Nov. 6.

According to a Fox News report, in one of his interviews, Metalwala alleged his ex-wife had a history of mental illness and dreams of strangling her own children. Recently uncovered court documents, from Biryukova's custody battle with her ex-husband, seem to support his statements. The documents in question have records of her suicidal tendencies, in the months before Sky's disappearance.

Julia Biryukova has not been named as a suspect in the case. However, the investigating authorities are reportedly less than impressed with the amount of support they claim to be receiving from her.