Doctors advise patients to get a good 8 hours of sleep. This is recommended for the body to recuperate, rejuvenate, and for you to feel better when you wake up the following morning. However, this is easier said than done. With the busy and competitive world today, only a few get to reach this amount of sleep.

According to the Centers Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), one-third of adults in the U.S. do not get the recommended sleeping hours. This increases their risk of various illnesses like obesity, heart disease, depression, and even Type 2 diabetes. To address the problem, you can find three tips below, which you can apply so that you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

tips to help you sleep
tips to help you sleep congerdesign - Pixabay

Turn Off Your Phone

How can you sleep if you keep on looking at your phone even when you’re already in the bedroom? Checking text messages, emails, newsfeeds, etc., keep your mind busy and will render you unable to sleep. These impact greatly on the levels of melatonin in your body, the sleeping hormone that will induce sleep. With low melatonin levels, your body will also find it hard to sleep. Hence, it is recommended to banish any gadget 30 minutes before sleeping.

Embrace Bath Time

Taking a bath before bedtime can help in getting you to relax. It is also one way that you can induce tiredness, making you yearn for that R&R. Your body’s temperature would dip at night, often two hours before your usual scheduled sleep time. By taking a bath, you will be putting your mind and body in a relaxed state and craving for sleep.

Avoid Daytime Naps

If you nap, you may inadvertently alter your body clock. If you struggle to sleep at night, avoiding a nap during the day could help. When you nap in the afternoon or at any time of day, you might find it harder to sleep in the evening. This can disrupt your sleeping and waking patterns.

Following these three tips can greatly help your sleeping problems. Try them, and perhaps, you would soon find yourself no longer asking Google how to get a good night’s sleep.