Bruton Stroube Studios
A still from the slow-motion video released by Bruton Stroube Studios Vimeo/Bruton Stroube Studios

What do you get when you combine 11 kegs of beer, a high-speed camera, props and a lot of people from the ad industry? Bruton Stoube Studios, a St. Louis, Mo., visual advertising studio, was wondering just that. As part of the St. Louis Egotist's Kegs With Legs traveling happy hour, it set up a Phantom Miro, a digital high-speed camera that captures video at 1,500 frames per second, or FPS, in a photo booth with props and copious amounts of beer to fuel the party. Watch people getting sprayed with silly string, feathers flying, beer splashing out of glasses and people being punched in glorious slow-motion video in this three-minute composition of the best moments from the slow-motion video booth here.