Rosie O’Donnell as Tutu, Frankie Shaw as Bridgette
“SMILF” stars Frankie Shaw and Rosie O’Donnell revealed that the Season 2 premiere of the Showtime comedy is about childbirth. Showtime

Filming for Season 2 of “SMILF” hasn’t started yet, but the cast of the Showtime comedy has already read the script for the first episode of the show’s sophomore run.

Series star Rosie O’Donnell told TV Insider at an Emmy For Your Consideration event in New York City that the Season 2 premiere is just “wow.”

“It’s about childbirth,” O’Donnell, who portrays Tutu on the series, said of Season 2, episode 1. “We just read it and oh boy, we do explore childbirth from every single angle.”

“It’s the 23 hours of labor of Larry’s (Anna and Alexandra Reimer) birth. It’s intense,” added Frankie Shaw, who, in addition to playing Bridgette on the show, also serves as its creator, director, producer, and writer.

At the same event, O’Donnell promised to International Business Times that her character’s mental illness storyline will continue in Season 2 and “throughout the whole series because as anyone knows who is either living with or loving someone who has mental illness, that it’s a constant rollercoaster.”

“You can hope to get in a groove when your meds are right and it’s not too cloudy out and everything works, but on the whole, it’s rocky. And for somebody like Tutu who never had a chance to get mental health help, it’s something that we will definitely be exploring all the time,” the Emmy winner said.

As for what’s in store for Bridgette next season, Shaw revealed to Deadline last month that an upcoming episode will see Bridgette address the fact that she “doesn’t have a white son.” “How is that going to affect her parenting?” the actress teased.

In an interview with Variety last January, Shaw said that Season 2 of the Golden Globe-nominated series will feature further adventures for Bridgette in trying to find “her path” or, at the minimum, a steady job. Shaw went on to tease that Season 2 will also see Bridgette deal with “the politics of daycare” as her son Larry starts to go to school.

In addition, Shaw promised that backstories of supporting characters — Rafi (Miguel Gomez), Nelson (Samara Weaving), Eliza (Raven Goodwin), and Ally (Connie Britton) — will be fleshed out more when the show returns.

“SMILF” Season 2 is expected to premiere later this year.