Kim Kardashian sure didn't want her divorce to air on reality television, but she forgot about those wisecrackers over at Saturday Night Live (SNL) who dedicated a skit poking fun at her marriage flub.

The parody, Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Divorce, leaves out no member of the Kardashian clan: Nasim Pedrad as 72-day bride Kim Kardashian, Taran Killam as frozen-faced Bruce Jenner and Andy Samberg as the idiot savant Kris Humphries and Kristen Wiig as Kris Jenner, the spotlight-stealing mother.

The satirical skit begins with an ad for Kim's Fairytale Divorce, where Pedrad as Kim blurts out Whoopsie, I got a divorce before moving to Wiig as Kris defending her daughter.

I know a lot of people say Kim got married just to make over $17 million from the wedding, Wiig said. But that's not true -- she also got married for attention.

The Kim in the skit goes on to defend herself, saying, You guys, it has been really hard. All week we've just been crying and crying and posing and crying before mentioning anus bleaching, a spoof on a cosmetic procedure from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Charlie Day of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was the guest host of the week and the divorce lawyer for the Kardashian skit.

The best bit of the skit had to be when Pedrad as Kim explains why she was divorcing Humphries only after being married for 72 days.

Marriages are hard, and it turns out Kris was only half the man I wanted him to be. And by that, I mean he was only half black, Pedrad said. But things are looking up for me. I'm single and there's an NBA lockout.

While the real Kim Kardashian has not responded to the SNL skit, she did however take time to react to the media and offer an explanation as to why she filed for divorce.

I am trying not to read all the different media reports but it's hard not to see all the negative ones. First and foremost, I married for love, Kardashian wrote on her Web site. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon.