“Saturday Night Live” was packed with hilarious sketches as Eddie Murphy hosted and Lizzo sang last night, but they ran out of time for two skits. “SNL” posted a couple of Cut For Time sketches on YouTube, revealing two funny clips that featured the celebrity guests.

Holiday Gig — Kenan Thompson plays a singer at a holiday gig with Eddie Murphy and Kyle Mooney as his band. Thompson and Murphy are roommates, and in between verses of their Hanukkah jam, Thompson reveals that Murphy is having some medical issues. He gets the audience involved to try to encourage him to go to a doctor, and Thompson is barely holding it together throughout this “SNL” sketch.

Aidy Bizzo and Lizzo — Aidy Bryant decides to embrace Lizzo’s confidence in this skit. When Murphy approaches her to compliment her work, she promotes “Shrill” and tells him to thank God for her rear end. Murphy turns to the ceiling and starts praying. She tells Michael Che that she’s about to “destroy your thing to death” despite him pointing out that she’s married.

The fantasy sequence shows Bryant and Lizzo dancing in elaborate costumes with mood lighting, but reality shows Bryant clumsily twerking on a desk with no music. Finally, Bryant talks to Lizzo about how hard it is to have such a great butt and maintain confidence. The “Truth Hurts” singer doesn’t have Bryant’s issues, but she seems happy that she inspires the comedian.

Unfortunately, those are the last extra “SNL” skits fans will see until the new year. “Saturday Night Live” returns to NBC on Jan. 25 with host Adam Driver and musical guest Halsey.

SNL sketches from last night
Lizzo, Eddie Murphy and Kenan Thompson all starred in cut sketches from last night's "Saturday Night Live." Rosalind O'Connor/NBC