“Saturday Night Live” wasn’t exactly live last night, but the NBC cast put together a new episode filmed from their homes for the second time. The experimental format delivered mixed results, but these were the best skits from “SNL” last night.

Cold Open: Brad Pitt served as host of “SNL: At Home” this week because Dr. Anthony Fauci recently joked that Pitt should play him on “Saturday Night Live.” Pitt fulfilled Fauci’s wish and did a skit with Fauci criticizing Trump’s recent questionable remarks.

Pornhub: So many companies have been putting out heartfelt, emotional commercials about how they’re keeping people connect, but one type of company is missing. “SNL” fixed that with this Pornhub commercial that says, “Let's be alone, together,” during the quarantine.

Released Early: Chris Redd plays an inmate who was supposed to have a life sentence but was recently released due to the pandemic. Now, he’s looking for a woman who wants to ignore social distancing rules. First, he calls Ego Nwodim, who is staying in the house until July. Then, he calls Aidy Bryant, who was writing him letters while he was in jail, but she may have lied about her circumstances. Finally, he calls Cecily Strong, whose “allergies” seem pretty intense.

What’s My Name?: Not every sketch has to involve the pandemic, so Kyle Mooney got creative and did a whole party sketch, complete with a music video dream sequence, all by himself.

Whiskers R We: Animal shelters are emptier than ever, so Kate McKinnon’s Barbara DeDrew shows us “real bottom of the barrel nobodies.” Watching McKinnon try to pretend her cat, Nino Positano, is 20 different cats is hilarious in itself, nevermind her funny one-liners like, “This little fella’s called Dr. Anthony Meow-ci because of his curious nature and because I’d have sex with him in a heartbeat.”

Stuck in the House: Pete Davidson sings about quarantine in this star-studded music video. He misses his friends, and the video shows a bunch of familiar faces, including Nathan Fillion, Judd Apatow, John Mulaney and Tan France, waving to him. His mom and sister appear as he sings about “going crazy” until Adam Sandler shows up to croon about how he misses the NBA and Rob Schneider. Sandler’s family appears along with Schneider.

"SNL" airs Saturdays on NBC.

SNL At Home
Adam Sandler made a surprise appearance on "SNL: At Home" on Saturday. NBC