If someone in your life devotes certain hours of their day to watching soap operas as much as possible, then finding them a Christmas gift this year will be a breeze. While items that are related to these soaps may not be easy to find in stores, some great gifts are available online, and will surely make the soap opera fanatic in your life smile when they open their gift.

So if your loved one is a fan of "Days of Our Lives," "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," or "General Hospital," be sure to check out these gift items.

"Days Of Our Lives"

Days of Our Lives gifts "Days of Our Lives" fans will love these Salem inspired gifts. Photo: NBC

Fans of the long-running NBC soap are sure to love some truly unique gifts related to the series. One great option is Greg Meng's "Days of Our Lives: 50 Years" commemorative book. (Get it at Target for $23.79).  The book is an in-depth photo journey through the show's first 50 years of history (it's currently in its 52nd season), and is a great keepsake.

If your loved one is more into rare collectibles that are definitely unique and one of a kind however, then this vintage jacket for the soap's stage crew ($450.00 on TREASURE TROLLZ Etsy page) is absolutely the premium gift for them.

However, if your loved one just wants to have a gift with a cute reference to the show then this customized "I Survived the Salem Stalker" t-shirt will be the best gift of all. With a reference to one of the show's notorious serial killer plotlines, it will be something they will get a kick out of, especially when they wear it in public and non 'DOOL' fans have no idea what their shirt is referencing. While it normally retails for $18.95 on Zazzle.com, code ZAZZLEDEAL60 can be applied  for an additional 20% off.

"The Young And The Restless"

Young and the Restless Gifts "Young and the Restless" fans will love these Salem inspired gifts. Photo: CBS

Café Press has plenty of items for "Young and the Restless fans which allow them to declare their Genoa City loyalties. From a Genoa City Athletic Club hoodie ($39.95), a Newman Enterprises T-Shirt ($17.95), an Underground T-shirt ($17.95) or a Jabot sweatshirt ($39.95), it will be very clear which family has their support.

 Zazzle also has plenty of options (with the discount code) that also allow the loyalties to be declared: Options include a Crimson Lights Coffee Mug ($21.65), and Team Newman ($35.60) or Team Abbott ($35.60) t-shirts.

However, if your loved ones wants to celebrate the show's long run on CBS, you can also get them a copy of the Special Silver Anniversary commemorative book for the series, which features photos and fun facts from the soap's first 25 years on air. It's available on Amazon as a very good used copy for $13.99.

"The Bold And The Beautiful"

Bold and the Beautiful gifts "Bold and the Beautiful" fans will love these gifts inspired by L.A.'s most fiercely fashionable family. Photo: CBS

Naturally, a fan of this CBS soap would want to feel like a part of the Forrester Creations team, which would make a sweatshirt devoted to the fashion house ($29.99 on Café Press) a great gift. Or, if your loved one thinks Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is a character worth emulating, then they'll be sure to love the "What Would Steffy Do?" T-shirt ($17.95).

Of course, everyone also loves a good villain, and one of the best on "B&B" has been Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). If your soap fan loves her antics whenever she's been on screen, then this "Sheila Carter for President" tee ($19.99 on the T Shirt Shark Etsy shop) will be the best present they've likely ever received.

"General Hospital"

General Hospital gifts "General Hospital" fans will love these Port Charles inspired gifts.

The Dimples and Sass Etsy page can give the "General Hospital" fan the perfect accessory to have as they watch the latest episodes of the ABC soap-a customized "I'd Rather Be Watching General Hospital" wine glass. The gift runs at only $15.00, and well, after one epsiode, they'll certainly need that wine.

However, fans of the soap's old school days will want to reclaim their dedication to one of the show's former super couples with this vintage Luke and Laura t-shirt, available from Vintage Sin City Chic's Etsy shop for $61.97.

Of course, those who wish to be royalty (or at least seem like they are), will want a chance to prove their status with this Messenger Bag, featuring the Cassadine Family crest ($29.99 at cafe press).