A referee was stoned to death and then quartered and beheaded by angry soccer fans in Brazil after he allegedly stabbed and killed a player to death last week, according to several reports.

On June 30, Otavio da Silva issued Josenir Abreu a red card during an amateur football match, and the two later got into a fight. That lead Silva to pull out a knife and stab Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital, the Associated Press quoted police in the Brazilian state of Maranhao saying.

Fans and Abreu’s family then rushed the field and proceeded to stone Silva, and eventually quartered his body. The group reportedly then beheaded Silva and put his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

There is one suspect currently in custody, according to the AP.

Abreu had apparently refused to leave the pitch, which resulted in the argument with Silva in the small Brazilian town of Pio XII, as reported by the BBC.

An extremely graphic video of doctors examining Silva’s body after he was killed has been leaked to video hub LiveLeak, and can be viewed here at the viewer’s discretion.