Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara is pictured arriving at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 29, 2017. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Sofia Vergara has blasted Star magazine for running a story that she said is purely “fake news.” She has also addressed the rumors claiming she may have cheated on her husband recently.

On Wednesday, Vergara appears to have had enough of tabloids making up stories about her and her married life with actor Joe Manganiello. The “Modern Family” took to Instagram to call out notorious tabloid Star magazine for publishing a story claiming she and Manganiello are divorcing. The actress seemed to be so furious that she even called the editor of the magazine an “idiot.”

Vergara also made an effort to clarify the speculations in the divorce story. First, she pointed out that the writer or editor may have missed the fact that she was absolutely wearing her wedding band when she attended an awards ceremony in Rome. She even said that some of her social media posts from the Ischia Film and Music Festival Gala clearly showed her rocking the symbolic ring.

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The 44-year-old Hollywood actress then slammed the issue that she cheated on Manganiello while she was in Rome. She clarified that the man she was spotted hanging out with in the capital city of Italy was a friend — identified to be Andrea Iervolino — who also happens to be the producer of her new movie “Bent.” Vergara noted that Iervolino even attended the Easter party she threw with Manganiello for their family and friends back in April.

Vergara, who labeled the people working for Star as “bullies,” quickly received support from her fans. “I love that you made this post. Most celebs don’t say anything and this actually does make me think this magazine is total garbage,” one wrote. “Good for you for fighting back! You should sue for defamation,” another commented.

Aside from the erroneous bits in the story, it also doesn’t make sense for the tabloid to claim that Vergara and Manganiello are divorcing after 17 months of being together. Vergara frequently updates her Instagram with photos of herself and her husband enjoying each other’s company. Just this weekend, Vergara even shared a sweet photo of her getting a kiss from her man.

Vergara and the “Magic Mike” actor started dating in July 2014. On Christmas Day that year, the couple got engaged. Then, they tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida almost a year later in November 2015.

Meanwhile, Vergara is set to star with Karl Urban and Andy Garcia in Iervolino’s upcoming thriller, which was written and directed by Bobby Moresco. In the movie, Vergara will play the role of a seductive government agent whose motives for approaching protagonist Danny Gallagher, played by Urban, are unclear.

“‘Bent’ delivers on the best of film noirs — a main character driven by revenge who is forced to choose between the truth he knows, the evidence against that truth and the woman he loves most in the world. Karl, Sofia and Andy are a powerful onscreen trio who have a rich story to work with thanks to the brilliant story and characters created by Bobby and Joseph,” Iervolino, who is co-producing the project with AMBI Media Group’s Monika Bacardi and Deadly Codes Productions’ Joseph O’Donnell, told the Hollywood Reporter.