Sofia Vergara (left) and Joe Manganiello attend the "Magic Mike XXL" premiere in Hollywood, California, on June 25. In a recent interview, the actor revealed he would not co-star in any future movies with his famous fiancée. Getty Images

They maybe one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, but don’t expect Sofia Vegara and Joe Manganiello to share top billing any time soon. Vergara has put her foot down when it comes to co-starring in a project with her fiancé. But the “Magic Mike XXL” actor let fans down easy, saying, at least there won't be another "Gigli."

In a new interview with People, Manganiello spoke candidly about his famous fiancée. He revealed although they make a great team, movie audiences won’t have the chance to see them share the silver screen. Complementing his “grounded” partner, Manganiello said Vergara feared a project in which they appear as co-stars could fail spectacularly. "Her fear is that we'd make the next 'Gigli,'” he told the outlet.

The jab was a reference to the disastrous box office bomb that starred then-item Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Although their relationship ended over a decade ago, “Gigli” ensures their relationship is immortalized in the financial flop. The estimated production cost of “Gigli” was valued at $54 million by Box Office Mojo. Ultimately, the movie only succeeded in bringing in a paltry $7 million at the international box office.

It makes sense that Vergara would like to avoid any potential bad blood saved for cinema history. The actress is still overcoming a messy separation from her former partner, Nick Loeb. Her ex-fiancé has gone so far as to demand the actress’ embryos she saved for their eventual children.

There is one joint project Vergara and Manganiello would gladly co-star in: parenthood. In a recent interview with Redbook, Vergara, 42, said the couple was looking to start a family soon. Her 38-year-old fiancé has never had kids while Vergara has an older son from her first marriage.

Vergara and Manganiello celebrated their first-year anniversary in June. The couple is expected to marry later this year.