Sony Corp said it struck a deal with News Corp that will make The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and the New York Post available on its electronic reader, the latest shot fired in an intensifying battle with Inc's popular Kindle device.

Sony said subscriptions would be available shortly from its e-reader website, with monthly prices set at $14.99 for The Wall Street Journal, $10.99 for MarketWatch, and $9.99 for the New York Post. The publications will be jointly marketed by the companies.

At an event to announce the deal on Thursday, Sony described sales of the e-readers as phenomenal, but did not disclose any figures. Executives also said they did not know how sales stacked up against the Kindle, one of the top names in the e-reader category.

Sony, and Barnes & Noble are in a heated fight over who will emerge with the best-selling electronic reading device, and are thus beefing up their devices with exclusive content or high-tech features.

(Reporting by Franklin Paul and Paul Thomasch, editing by Dave Zimmerman)