• Singapore police confirmed Kwon left the city-state last month
  • He could have had a stopover in Dubai
  • Kwon's whereabouts remain unknown

New information on Do Kwon's whereabouts has recently come to light following the exposé about the UST Restitution Group (URG), which is composed of 4,400 disgruntled retail investors whose mission is to hunt down the Terraform Labs (TFL) chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder.

A Financial Times report revealed last week that one of the members of the URG was set to fly to Dubai, as he was convinced it was where Kwon's flight had a stopover when the TFL CEO left Singapore.

"Dubai is friendly to crypto, very international (he would not stand out), and has limited extradition treaties in place," one URG member reportedly said in September. "It would seem like the best fit for the 3-5 hour timezone shift apparent in the data."

Interestingly, South Korean prosecutors told Bloomberg in a text message last week that the report about Kwon leaving Singapore and making a stopover in Dubai to an unknown destination "was not false."

The TFL CEO created a buzz when his interview with crypto journalist Julia Shin on the "Unchained" podcast came out. During the conversation, Kwon said he could not disclose his location because it could compromise his security.

"The main reason why I don't want to talk about my location to the media is that when the crash happened in May there were lots of situations where personal security was threatened," Kwon said. "It's not in the interest of let's say being on the run or something like that that I don't want to disclose where I live, it's just that every time the location where I live becomes known it becomes almost impossible for me to live there."

South Korean authorities confirmed that Kwon has been added to the red notice list of Interpol. This allows the organization and affiliated police forces across the globe to capture and temporarily hold the crypto executive as soon as they locate him.

South Korean authorities' move came after Singapore police confirmed last month that Kwon was no longer in the city-state. The crypto executive denied being on the red notice list of Interpol and shot down reports that he was on the run, noting he was making "zero efforts to hide."

So far, Kwon's whereabouts remain unknown. Despite this, he remains active on Twitter and typically shares his views on various issues through his tweets. He occasionally appears in interviews and answers questions about allegations surrounding him and Terra's collapse.

Terra Community AMA with Do Kwon (April 2021) 13-56 screenshot
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