South Park Season 19 Finale
The citizens of South Park are going to load up on guns to feel safer in the "South Park" Season 19 finale. Comedy Central

"South Park" has never backed away from addressing social problems in American society, like police violence, technology, and throughout the later part of this season, poor journalism. In the Season 19 finale, titled "PC Principal Final Justice," the comedy central animated series is going to end the year with one of the biggest topics on everyone's mind right now and one of the more controversial -- gun control.

In the season finale of "South Park," residents will feel safer when they all stock up on guns, according to a South Park Studios press release. Kyle and Stan's friendship will hit a bump when Kyle doesn't trust Stan. Kyle will then find himself in a "dangerous alliance." Stan will have problems at home too, when his father Randy find out he's been priced out of South Park.

The promo video for the finale shows Eric Cartman up late watching a movie and eating some late night snacks. When his mother comes downstairs to tell him to go to bed, he refuses to listen to her. Eventually the argument leads to Cartman pulling a gun on his own mother.

"Turn off the light and go back to bed, I'm staying up," Cartman says with the gun pointed. She continues to tell him to go up to his room, to which he replies "No means no, Bill Cosby." She then surprisingly pulls a gun on him in return.

The PC Principal storyline will also be wrapped up in the finale. At the end of episode 8, it was revealed that advertisements are no longer just pop ups on computers or in newspapers, but they've been turned into people. PC Principal is one of these ads, who will need to be stopped when he returns to South Park for revenge. As the town begins to slip more into chaos, it will be up to the boys along with Mr. Garrison, Randy, Principal Victoria and Caitlyn Jenner to find out who's responsible for what has happened to the town.

Watch the promo video for episode 10 below:

In light of the recent mass shootings that have occurred in the country and around the world, it will be interesting to see what direction the show decides to go in as some call for stricter gun laws and others call for even more people to get guns to protect themselves. Will the finale end in controversy? Or perhaps a message of hope that leaves the viewer with something to think about?

The "South Park" Season 19 finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 9 on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. EST.