It's over for Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo.

On Friday, Olindo, 24, shared a photo of herself with Wilson Filogamo on Instagram, sparking the curiosity of her followers as to the identity of the man beside her. Others were concerned over her posting photos of another man instead of her supposed lover, Conover. One social media user then asked the "Southern Charm" star if she is still with Conover, and her response took many by surprise.

Olindo confirmed that she and Conover have already parted ways, though their split was amicable. "Unfortunately we are not," Olindo replied (via E! News). "But we are still great friends."

Olindo and Conover's fans appear to be torn over their split. Some said that they felt bad that the two broke up because they were good for each other. "Craig is a good guy and a good catch. That is why she was with him. Nobody is perfect," one follower commented.

However, more followers were convinced that Olindo made the right choice and believe that she should have left her ex-boyfriend months before, saying that their split is overdue. "What took so long? I hated the way he spoke to you and degraded you in public. Awful. Good luck to you. I hope you find TRUE love," user Macy7474 wrote.

"I have to say what I probably shouldn't say lol ... but you were too good for him," another user named nidiaj wrote. "I always thought you were too good for Craig. I hated how mean he was to you. I admire your drive & ambition too!!!" another follower commented on her post.

It has not been revealed when exactly the "Southern Charm" couple broke up. But it may have been very recent as a week ago, Conover posted about the Builder Bash benefit Charleston Habitat for Humanity event on Instagram. In his post, he invited his followers to buy a ticket and hang out with him, Olindo and Austen.

Meanwhile, People noted that the rep for the couple declined to comment about their split. Olindo and Conover have documented much of their romance on "Southern Charm" Season 3 and Season 4.

The former couple first met when they were both students at the College of Charleston. He was senior, while she was a freshman at the time. After graduating, they reconnected at Charleston Fashion Week and began dating. Their relationship headed south when they moved in together and contemplated on marriage. Their romance hit rock bottom nearly five weeks after the Season 4 reunion, but they were able to keep it on track after attending couple's therapy.

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