“Southpaw” actor Jake Gyllenhaal admitted that it was his commitment and marriage phobias that led to his breakups from his girlfriends in past, including Taylor Swift. The actor said he was not aware thaT Swift's song, “Bad Blood,” played in the background when he appeared on “Good Morning America" recently.

Swift's song being played in the background during Gyllenhaal's interview was heavily discussed topic on social media. However, the actor said he was too sleepy on the show to have noticed it. "When I'm doing an interview -- when you're up at 5 a.m. and you can't really make sense of words, you're not thinking about the background music that's playing behind you," the actor replied to Howard Stern, when he appeared on Stern's Sirius XM radio on Wednesday, according to E! Online.

The actor downplayed the incident by saying that there is “so much music on that show playing all the time,” and Swift's song was “just one of those things." He also talked about why his previous relationships failed and when will he get married. Gyllenhaal believes in monogamy and says he will tie the knot when he finds the right person. “I believe when you meet somebody right, it will be right, and it will stay that way," the actor said.

The actor also told Stern that he fell in love twice in his life but is unhappy that he is not in love with someone right now. "Yeah. I love love, man," Gyllenhaal said. Apart from dating Swift, the actor has been in relationships with Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon. However, none of his relationships worked for long, and Gyllenhaal blames himself for it. “Yeah. It was me, man," he said, adding, "I think I probably just got scared."