Jake Gyllenhaal plays a father in his coming movie “Southpaw,” but the actor is not one in real life. However, enacting the role of a dad has triggered some paternal instincts in the handsome actor, who now says it is his dream to have kids.

Gyllenhaal, 34, plays a dad to a young actress Oona Laurence in the boxing drama “Southpaw.” The actor plays New York boxer Billy Hope, who, after a low period in his life, vows to make a comeback to gain respect in his daughter's eyes. "I am not a father yet, but it is definitely a dream of mine, should I be lucky to have that to happen,” the Oscar-nominated star told Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier.

Gyllenhaal also revealed his fondness for Laurence, his on-screen daughter, and says she has made him want to become a dad soon. "I have nieces who I love deeply and I have children in my life I love deeply, but when I meet Oona for the first time, I just fell for her," Gyllenhaal said. "Your heart opens up to her."

“Southpaw” fans will be surprised to know Laurence actually helped Gyllenhaal get into the character by guiding him throughout the movie. “We improved a lot, and she would make choices, I would just follow her in an improv, and that's the dynamic," the “Prisoners” actor added.

The actor also revealed that he worked out really hard to get the desired body for “Southpaw,” where he plays a boxer. He not only gained 15 pounds of muscle for the movie but also worked out for several hours a day to get into the shape. Southpaw opens July 31 and also stars Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, rapper 50 Cent, Naomie Harris and Rita Ora.