• The incident happened in the victim's bedroom on March 8, 2019
  • Prosecutor said Aaron Beltran should be held accountable even if the act was consensual
  • Andrew Breach retracted his previous statement and admitted to doing the act himself
  • Breach's claim was denied by the police in court

A Spanish rapper has gone on trial for allegedly chopping off his roommate's penis in a bid to get hits for the gruesome act's video on YouTube.

Rapper Aaron Beltran allegedly struck a deal with British teacher Andrew Breach, in which Breach agreed to pay Beltran some cash depending on how many views the amputation video would get on YouTube, reported the New York Post.

The payment ranged from £173 ($24) to £2,164 ($3,000), prosecutor Asunción Losada told the court.

The incident happened in the victim's bedroom on March 8, 2019. Breach sat on a chair in front of Beltran who hacked off his penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife. The weapon was never found as the accused got rid of it.

The court was told how Breach, an Oxford University graduate, was found heavily bleeding in the city center by a policeman. The officer reportedly went to the house Breach shared with the rapper and was told that the victim's penis had been chopped off and thrown in a trash bag.

"When interviewing the victim in hospital he told us the accused cut off his penis. Andrew said he did not feel 100 percent a man and wanted to get rid of his penis," the officer told the court. "He agreed on a deal with the accused to pay him depending on how many views the video of the amputation received on YouTube. It was done on the basis of hits."

Although the prosecutors admitted that the act had been done consensually, they argued that the rapper could not be exempted from criminal responsibility.

Breach spent three weeks in a hospital after the surgeons managed to reattach the organ, which is now fully functional.

However, Breach later contradicted his previous statement and told the court that he had done the act himself. "I cut off my own penis. I was unwell. It was myself," he said.

According to Breach, he was under pressure from the police when he earlier gave a statement accusing Beltran of the act. This claim was denied by the police in court.

If convicted, Beltran now faces four and a half years behind bars.

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