Splatoon 2 is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer, so some brand new gear has been tweeted courtesy of Japan. The so-called Sigureni clothing is perfect for everyday comfort or those who love the great outdoors. Before getting to a full visual description of the gear itself, here’s the best English tweet translation we can possibly offer.

“Authentic outdoor brand, Sigureni. With state-of the-art materials, this gear has outstanding functionality in any harsh environment. On the other hand, because it is comfortable to wear and fashionable, it is also popular as everyday wear. Activities items such as camping and rock climbing are also taken up in large numbers.”

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In terms of what the gear looks like, the pictures in the tweet above do a pretty solid job of showing it off. It starts with some modern-style hiking boots in green and blue, as well as jean shorts and pants. For tops it looks like you’ll be able to select from a standard blue t-shirt or a green winter coat. For those who don’t like the coat, multi-colored zip-up hoodies are also part of the set. Hat stylings consist of a bucket hat or beanie.

Of course, just like every inch of the original Splatoon, the Sigureni name is consistent with Japanese style. In case you’re curious, Shigureni is a popular food dish with beef and ginger. The spelling is slightly different in this case, but that could be a translation issue. We’re also not sure if the name will be the exact same in the U.S. version of Splatoon 2, but, since it’s printed on shirt graphics, we’d have to imagine it might stay the same.

Another unknown about this gear is how it may or may not impact a player’s performance in Turf War. Since it’s being sold as “all-purpose” gear, our guess would be that Sigureni could potentially offer an all-around stat buff dependent on weapons or abilities.

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Aside from these small details, Nintendo just recently started lifting the curtain on some of Splatoon 2’s larger concepts. In addition to the standard Turf War, there’s a brand new PvE mode called Salmon Run. During this month’s Nintendo Direct, we also got a fairly substantial peek at Splatoon 2’s single-player campaign as well. Marie is in search of her lost friend Callie, and it’s the player’s job to reunite the Squid Sisters to rekindle their estranged partnership. Within that larger narrative, it looks like offline content will be much more diverse than online play.

Nintendo Japan has been trickling out Splatoon 2 details for some time now, and we suspect the rush of new information will continue up until the full game releases this July. With Nintendo’s E3 2017 spotlight happening June 13, we anticipate learning more about additional online modes, Amiibo and new weapons.

Splatoon 2 comes to Nintendo Switch July 21.

What do you think of this Sigureni all-purpose gear? Will it look totally fresh on your Splatoon 2 Inkling this summer? Tell us in the comments section!