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U.S. radio show host gave birth live on air by Caesarean-section (C-section) on Tuesday. Cassiday Proctor a weekday morning presenter for the 106.5 show "the Arch," in St Louis, Missouri, aired the birth of her baby.

The station, part of Hubbard Broadcasting, worked with the hospital where Proctor gave birth to her son, BBC reported.

Proctor told BBC she started experiencing labor pains on Monday, two weeks prior to the delivery date. According to Proctor, the whole affair seemed like a spur of the moment broadcast opportunity since the baby arrived earlier than expected.

"It was amazing to be able to share the most exciting day of my life with our radio listeners,” Proctor said.

The Arch
"The Arch" morning show host Cassiday Proctor gave birth to her baby on air Tuesday. In this picture, the St. Louis skyline as viewed from across the Mississippi River is shown April 20, 1999. Getty

She added giving birth on air was “an extension of what I already do every day on our radio show [as] I share all aspects of my life with the [listeners]."

The child born on Tuesday weighed 7lbs 6oz and was named Jameson. His name was picked out by listeners who chose it in a competition in January.

In the competition, listeners were given a choice between twelve silly names and twelve names chosen by Proctor and her husband.

"Twelve silly names and twelve names chosen by the couple competed for one slot. We kept voting until we got to Jameson," program director, Scott Roddy, told the Riverfront Times.

Roddy said proctor started experiencing labor pains on Monday at work. At that point the crew of the radio show sprang into action and coordinated with the hospital to record the birth with the help of the nurses who held up the phone during the procedure.

Roddy said Proctor never hesitated about work intruding into her personal life while giving birth to her first child. According to Roddy, Proctor seemed excited about the whole affair.

"She was all about it," he said. "She shares everything. That's who she is."

Proctor's husband also got in on the spirit of things by agreeing for the birth to be broadcast on the airwaves. He was also in on the competition where Proctor let her audience pick out the name for the baby.

Proctor is now on maternity leave from her morning program. The proud mother showed off her bundle of joy on Instagram.