A sign marks the entrance to St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire, Aug. 20, 2015. Reuters

Owen Labrie, the 20-year-old former prep schooler who was convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate in a notorious case, had his bail revoked Friday, meaning he will begin serving a one-year prison sentence, New Hampshire Public Radio reported.

Prosecutors argued that Labrie broke his court-ordered curfew eight times since his conviction in August. Prosecutors were led to believe he broke his curfew when a reporter posted a series of tweets about encountering Labrie on a subway during his curfew hours.

Labrie was convicted of using a computer to lure a minor into a sexual encounter, a felony, along with three sexual assault charges, all demeanors, and a charge of child endangerment, also a misdemeanor.

While he was convicted of these lesser charges, he escaped conviction of the most serious charge of the felony rape of a 15-year-old. Labrie, who attended the elite St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, was sentenced to a year in jail already but was allowed to be free on bail while he appealed the decision.

Labrie’s attorney said he broke the curfew so he could visit with legal counsel and pursue “educational endeavors,” ABC News reported.

Labrie’s lawyer Jaye Rancourt said, “In his attempt to make productive use of his time and at the same time maintain some degree of privacy, he violated this court’s order, and for that he is sorry,” ABC News reported.

While he was appealing the case, Labrie was living with his mother for the year in Tunbridge, Vermont. He was told to be home between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. every day as part of his bail conditions. The alleged rape was reportedly part of what was known as the “senior salute” at St. Paul’s, a school tradition where the graduating seniors have sex with younger students.