Rumor has it that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams is hoping to release the movie six months ahead of schedule to avoid giving people more time to leak plot details. Now, if a series of unconfirmed e-mails are legit, it looks like those fears may not be entirely unwarranted., a fan-made site dedicated to all things “Star Wars,” has posted a series of e-mails from a source claiming to have inside information on the plot of the movie. It’s worth mentioning that even the person running the site has his doubts about the legitimacy of the information, but he decided to post it on sheer interest alone.

The source claims to reveal the roles of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s characters, as well as who the new players that will set the stage for “Episode VII” will be. Most noteworthy is the source's vivid description of how the audience will be reintroduced to the film’s biggest character, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

The now old Jedi Master has put himself in exile after his powers grew beyond the Force. Fearing he would be a danger to himself and those he loves, Skywalker dedicates his life to guarding the tomb of an Ancient Sith Lord. Unfortunately, exile seems to take a toll on our beloved hero.

“Luke, it is revealed, has been experiencing severe mental torture whilst protecting this tomb by ghosts of the past, present and future and he is very unstable as we meet him,” the source says before describing the moment we first see Skywalker. “This Luke is wizened but crazed, his eyes twitch and are bloodshot, his robe is tattered, ripped and his beard is scraggy and his hair grey and long.”

While this paints quite a picture, it’s important to remember that none of the source’s claims can be verified. However, the plot details he gives, which are too numerous to list here but can be read in full at, coincide very well with what we’ve already seen in the film’s trailer.

It’s possible that fans will learn more about the plot of the movie on April 16 when J.J. Abrams and the president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy make a big announcement at the “Star Wars Celebration” in California. It is believed that they’ll unveil the first full-length trailer at the event. Hopefully the potential leak doesn’t spoil things for Hamill, who has previously stated his excitement to be back in the role.