Anew The Distant Light
“Anew: The Distant Light” has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. Kickstarter/Resonator

“Anew: The Distant Light,” a new game from the developers who worked on the “Star Wars,” “BioShock” and other big games, has already reached its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. With only less than 24 hours remaining, the campaign is still fighting for its first Stretch Goal that would make it possible for the game to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Last month, independent video game studio Resonator launched a Kickstarter project for its upcoming open-world action game “Anew: The Distant Light.” The studio is quite new given that this is going to be its debut game, but its founders — Steve Copeland and Jeff Spoonhower — have long earned their stripes in the gaming industry by working on successful titles like “Star Wars,” “Borderlands,” “Bioshock” and “Uncharted,” among others.

This weekend, the crowdfunding campaign is nearing its end and the $30,000 initial goal has already been reached. With 636 backers pledging $33,018 as of press time, the project is now battling time for the first Stretch Goal to be funded. The first Stretch Goal will actually enable the devs to work on porting the game to the newly released console, the Nintendo Switch.

“This is a commitment to full due diligence in planning for development of a Switch port. Their indie program currently appears to be very limited and they are not accepting many games. We anticipate that it will open for more developers at some point, but we will aggressively pursue it regardless,” Resonator explained the Stretch Goal on the game’s Kickstarter page. “We will acquire dev kits, attempt to establish a developer relationship for the platform like we already have for PlayStation and Xbox, and we will analyze the hardware for technical constraints that we need to optimize around. Doing this early makes a Switch port much more likely and faster to arrive. ”

“Anew: The Distant Light” is a mixture of battles, puzzles and space exploration. In the game, players will be playing as a child who has limited resources but is tasked to realize a big mission, which involves a dying Earth. In the process, players will have to go through a complex alien world, look for upgrades and vehicles and combat various creatures.

Resonator’s “Anew: The Distant Light” is slated for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in July 2018. Check out more information about the game here.