Mark Hamill let it slip that his character Luke Skywalker has a beard in “Star Wars: Episode 9.” The actor was actually promoting his TV series “Knightfall,” but he also discussed the final film in the sequel trilogy.

Hamill talked about the challenges of acting in an recent interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The actor pointed out that he has been doing a lot of voice acting work, so the change of working on the physical set for “Knightfall” wasn’t something he was prepared for.

Talus is the new character on “Knightfall” that Hamill is playing. This is a completely different look for the veteran actor. The actor has been promoting the TV series on Twitter, where he revealed the look of his character.

What was particularly difficult for the actor was to get the long beard glued on to his real beard. He had to keep his real beard for “something else.”

The other project that Hamil was referring to was obviously “Star Wars: Episode 9,” but the actor said that he is not allowed to discuss this other project because of a non-disclosure agreement he signed. However, it was clear to the audience what that project was when the actor turned around and gave a big wink.

Jimmy Kimmel tried to get a little more information about the film by suggesting that Luke Skywalker still has a beard in the next film and he still has a body. Hamill played dumb and asked which movie the host of the show was referring to.

Hamill gets asked a lot about the “Star Wars: Episode 9” title and about when the first trailer will be released. The actor trolled the fans on Twitter by showing them a picture of the trailer he used while filming, and asked the fans to be patient.

The audience liked the trailer joke, but Hamill said that his children rolled their eyes at his Twitter post and said that it was “such a dad joke.” When asked to explain what a “dad joke” is, the actor’s children explained that it was something that was very obvious, full of puns and not funny.

Disney and Lucafilm apparently doesn’t want the cast members to talk about “Star Wars: Episode 9” until it is released. However, Hamill said that he loves driving the studio executives “crazy” by posting such jokes online. “What are they going to do? Fire me?” the actor joked.