• Viewed as a desperate, cheap move, ship ramming is becoming an issue for "Star Wars: Squadrons"
  • It calls to mind a scene from "Return of the Jedi" where an A-Wing crashes into a Super Star Destroyer
  • The tactic is being used when low on ammo or when completely outgunned

One rising trend in “Star Wars: Squadrons” is players ramming ships into each other, something that has been condemned by a number of gamers.

In “Star Wars: Squadrons,” fleet battles are a regular occurrence as players choose sides between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. More than mere dogfights between smaller, maneuverable fighters like X-Wing Fighters and TIE Fighters, fleet battles also involve mid-range frigates and large capital ships.

Any fan of the “Star Wars” films will be enamored with touches like John Williams’ music, the sound effects when a TIE Fighter flies by, and of course, the spaceships. It’s easy to see why fans would create their respective characters and want to take flight.

Kotaku noted that this has also led to less than desirable behavior among some players of “Star Wars: Squadrons” who are looking for an easy way to win.

Reddit user _Aedric shared a clip of a Star Destroyer being decommissioned by having a smaller fighter ram into its bridge. Fans of “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” may be familiar with one scene that shows an A-Wing fighter slamming into the bridge of a Super Star Destroyer.

There has been no proof that doing this will inflict substantial damage to larger ships in the game, per the report. It will only take players out of their battle, giving the opponent’s team a boost.

This has led to an online movement for players to stop ramming ships into one another in what is now perceived as underhanded tactics.

The “Star Wars: Squadrons” subreddit now has a post called “How to win at Fleet Battles” that comes with two contrasting GIF files. One is of an A-Wing pilot screaming before he dies violently, while the other shows Rebel fighters firing down the length of a Star Destroyer before pulling up. The first is seen as a cheap way to win, while the second is believed to be the more noble, correct way.

“The point I was trying to make is that going full Leroy Jenkins at a SD with whatever ship you happen to be in is stupid and hurts your team,” wrote thread author slick762.

Some players have even resorted to just ramming into each other head-on, hence the term “jousting” being used. As a tactic, it can perhaps be justified when players are out of ammo and are resorting to last-ditch efforts, but it’s unlikely to earn friends for those who do employ it.

Until the people at Motive or EA issue some kind of edict or update that bans the move, however, don’t expect these galactic kamikazes to slow down any time soon. And since the game’s developers have already denied having any DLC in the future, people may just have to live with it.

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