• A highlight of the EA Play Live 2020 event was the first gameplay trailer for "Star Wars: Squadrons" 
  • Single-player and multiplayer combat elements were featured, as well as the classes of ships to choose from along with what they specialize in
  • Information in the fighter's cockpit will prove essential as these include power management, targeting, and shields

One of the highlights of the EA Play Live 2020 event was actual gameplay trailer for the upcoming “Star Wars: Squadrons”

Already one of the most discussed titles when it was first announced, “Star Wars: Squadrons” promised a unique combat experience set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Being touted as “the definitive Star Wars pilot experience” seems like a lofty goal, but the game developed by Motive Montreal does seem poised to back that claim.

Elements and characteristics from the Star Wars franchise were essential to this game, but actually placing players in the cockpits of X-Wing Fighters and TIE Fighters was going to be critical to win over hardcore fans. Based on the gameplay trailer, EA has certainly delivered on that front.

“Star Wars: Squadrons”  will put players in the cockpit of some of the franchise's most iconic fighter ships and task them with doing battle across the galaxy. Previously leaked under the title “Project Maverick” in March, Screenrant reports that fans already knew before the livestream that there would be a heavy dose of multiplayer campaign focus as well as a strong amount of single-player flying.

Players will not just be able to customize their fighters, they can do so for their cockpits as well. Players will also be able to choose what alien race they want to be including Sullustians, Twi’leks, and others, aside from selecting whether to fight for the Galactic Empire or the New Republic.

The different classes of ships are also defined with the X-Wing and TIE Fighters as the most flexible and versatile, A-Wings and TIE Interceptors are fast and highly maneuverable, U-Wings and TIE Reapers can keep allies safe and stocked up, while Y-Wings and TIE Bombers are the heavy hitters.

Information in the cockpit will also prove critical to your campaign as these include power management, targeting, and shields. Players are tasked to prove themselves in exceedingly challenging missions. In full VR mode, having this information easily at hand will help efficiency if not simple aesthetics.

The gameplay trailer also demonstrated some of its social elements, including a hub where players can meet up to discuss the details of their upcoming multiplayer skirmish and decide on their ship loadout, Screenrant notes. Multiplayer combat will be divided into stages, where players fight for control over the center of the map before being assigned an attack or defense of capital ships.

Although the gameplay shown was admittedly brief, what we’ve seen so far is exactly the sort of combat that fans have been clamoring for since 2003’s “Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike.” The good news is, as far as “Star Wars: Squadrons” goes, this s is only the beginning.