As Stargate Atlantis is about to end the Stargate Universe weekly series will debut as a movie first will begin this summer of 2009.

Stargate Atlantis's final and 100th episode, Enemy at the Gate, ended pretty much as the series ran. But 2009 stargate fan will be a fantastic year.

The upcoming Sci-Fi TV series will feature an all new cast of characters. Robert Picardo has been approached about his willingness to appear in some capacity in the new series.

The ending of this series only signifies the closing of a chapter as the Stargate universe as a whole will continue to thrive in new ways. Part of the fun will be seeing when two characters is destined.

Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper will serve as executive producers and writers. The projected film start of Stargate Universe is February 4, 2009.

Stargate Universe is scheduled to debut as a two- or three-hour movie and then begin regular weekly airings on SCI FI in summer 2009.