Stephen Colbert is getting ready to return to television, and that includes getting rid of his beard. The comedian gave fans their first look at his time on “The Late Show” in a new video where he shaves his facial hair.

Fans have been awaiting Colbert’s late-night debut for some time. He was announced as David Letterman’s replacement in April 2014, and the actor has been absent from the airwaves since “The Colbert Report” wrapped up in December. Letterman’s final episode of “The Late Show” aired last month, and the program is currently on summer hiatus.

“Good news. I still exist!” Colbert, 51, tells viewers in the video. “My show went off the air in December, and you have not seen me much since then unless of course you’re my family or you’re the clerk at my local RiteAid.”

Though Colbert isn’t his “Colbert Report” character in this skit, he maintains a sense of snark and his nerdy preferences are definitely in evidence. He says he has to shave because “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck’s mustache has a non-compete clause in his contract with CBS. Colbert takes time to try different styles with his facial hair before shaving it completely. Among the different looks are the “Un-Hitler” and the “Half Wolverine.”

Behind the new “Late Show” host is a list of things the show needs. Included are “things to say,” “more things to say” and “fryer.” He has time to get through that agenda, though. At the end of the video, Colbert learns that he won’t start hosting “The Late Show” for another three months.

Watch Colbert’s first “Late Show” sketch below:

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 8, on CBS. Does this video make you want to tune in to the show, or would you rather see Colbert reprise his character from Comedy Central? Sound off in the comments section below!