Steve Buscemi
Cast member Steve Buscemi arrives at an event celebrating the Blu-ray release of the film "The Big Lebowski" in New York August 16, 2011. REUTERS

American actor Steve Buscemi hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and displayed his brilliant talent. During the show, he took questions from character actors and parodied the Penn State sex scandal and the Caped Crusader - Batman.

Buscemi opened the show by fielding questions from audience members - cast members posing as members of the audience - and initiating comic situations based on the Hey Bro and horror movie girl who can't find her friends characters.

The second segment involved sets of parodies, the most entertaining of which was probably Buscemi's take on the allegations of sex abuse heaped on coaches at Penn State University; Buscemi appeared as a creepy coach named Bert. A college investigates Buscemi's character in the wake of the scandal. They can't find any evidence but his mustache sure is creepy and he lives with his mother.

The Batman digital short had Buscemi playing the character of Commissioner Gordon, as he deals with Batman constantly showing up, acting weird and disappearing.

Check out the video here