The North Carolina Police on Wednesday intercepted a truck on Interstate-40 in Whitsett, due to suspicion and found the vehicle filled with nearly 18,000 pounds of commercial toilet paper.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s office posted a photo of the 53-foot, 18-wheel truck on Facebook after realizing that the truck was stolen. The truck had dozens of boxes filled with thousands of toilet paper rolls.

Guilford County Captain Daryl Loftis told local media that the shipment was actually lawful, but the trailer was stolen. The vehicle was being used to transport the load to a warehouse facility near Interstate 40 in Whitsett, North Carolina.

The incident comes at a time when shoppers have even resorted to violence after stores around the world imposed purchasing limits on toilet papers.

The police didn't release the suspect's name because the issue of toilet paper is "fairly sensitive right now." The investigation was ongoing and no arrests were made.

The toilet paper shortage puts the countries' sewer systems at risk as people have started flushing alternatives that are not intended to be flushed. Supply chain experts reassured customers that the demands will be met and the stores will soon restock their shelves.

A man stocks up with 150 rolls of toilet paper at a store in Los Angeles
A man stocks up with 150 rolls of toilet paper at a store in Los Angeles AFP / Mark RALSTON