dave hester storage wars.
Dave Hester (left) Don and Laura Dotson pictured in a Season 5 episode of "Storage Wars." The co-stars recently had a fight on the A&E show's set. A&E/Bobby Quillard

Things got heated between three “Storage Wars” stars during a recent taping for the hit A&E reality show. A video of the altercation shows storage locker bidder Dave Hester and auctioneers Laura and Dan Dotson going head-to-head on the set.

TMZ reports that the fight started when Dan “missed” Dave’s bid on an abandoned storage locker. When production reportedly asked Dave, the series' villain, to approach Dan about his mistake, Dan reportedly ignored his co-star. Dave was then asked to approach Dan again, resulting in the scuffle. Dan’s wife and fellow auctioneer Laura Dotson was reportedly pushed to the ground during the altercation.

“You like hitting a woman? You like knocking a gal on the god damn ground? You like throwing a gal?” Laura asks Dave in the vide below.

In the clip she also accuses Dave of putting his hands on her husband first and repeatedly yells profanities at him, telling him he needs to leave the auction. Dave responds by reminding her that he “doesn’t work” for her.

“Folks, sorry about that!” Laura later addresses her customers in the video. “You know sometimes they’re just pieces of s—t that roam around. So get the f--k out.”

Dave was reportedly kicked off the set and production was halted. TMZ reports he received a tetanus shot after Laura “scratched him, drawing blood.”

Check out the NSFW fight video here:

Dan spoke out about the altercation on Twitter Sunday night, apologizing for the violence. Laura retweeted his message on her own account.

Dave had this to say after the fight: