It's Christmas Day 2011, but while some people are still tearing into presents at home, others are still shopping for last-last-minute holiday presents for loved ones, or trying to take advantage of any sales as frazzled store owners realize they haven't yet sold their Christmas quota.

Whatever the reason, what most people want to know is whether the king of stores and sales, Walmart, is open on Christmas Day. Bad news for those looking to score a deal at the American megachain, however: Walmart, along with Kmart and Target, will not be open Dec. 25, 2011. The same goes for Toys R Us, Best Buy, JC Penney and Sears.

If you still want to get in some shopping on Christmas Day, however, never fear: here's a rundown of what stores are open Dec. 25. These chains are open through Christmas Day, for those shoppers looking to send out a last-minute gift and those who are searching for early sales.

Stores Open on Christmas Day (Dec. 25):

Walgreens Pharmacy: Sure, you may not be rushing out for a prescription on Dec. 25 (unless you were the victim of some very poor holiday planning), but Walgreens offers many of the things Walmart does, albeit on a much smaller scale. Here you can get appliances, music, books, magazines, perfume and cologne, and even clothing accessories like hats and gloves. Stores (and select pharmacies) are supposed to be open until 6pm local time, so hurry to the Walgreens closest to you!

CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid: Some of the same great and affordable stuff you can find at Walgreens, but with additional online deals at 40 percent off Christmas merchandise. Check your local store for closing hours.

7-11: Along with Slurpees and small Christmas gifts (sure to be on sale), 7-11 is also stocked with gift cards, many of which may help you when you shop at Walmart next week. Some stores have limited hours, so check online first.

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks: These retailers promise that most of their stores will be at least partially open. Since Dunkin' Donuts is one of the most popular after-holiday shopping destinations in America, and Starbucks one of the most popular coffee houses any time, it's a good bet that these stores will be both open and packed.