The Strain
Bolivar made a frightening transformation in episode 3 of "The Strain." FX

“The Strain” took a wild turn in episode 3, “Gone Smooth.” Check out our recap of the latest episode of the new FX drama from Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan and Carlton Cuse:

Eichorst’s Secret

“The Strain” viewers knew that something sketchy was up with Eichhorst – however no one saw this coming. “Gone Smooth” opened with an extensive looking makeup and prosthetics set – and a pale, frightening looking man. With the addition of a fake nose, ears, neck, contacts, teeth and foundation, the pale and frightening looking man morphed into Eichhorst.

“Soon, no more charade,” Eichhorst said once his transformation was complete.

Where In The World Are The Bodies?

Eph believes that Director Barnes is behind the missing bodies. But Director Barnes drops a bomb when he tells them that he has nothing to do with the mystery – in fact, he says his money is on the military taking the bodies. Why would the military want them? Barnes’s theory is that they don’t want the bodies autopsied.

His money is on the military – because they don’t want them autopsied

Barnes knows that the carbon monoxide poisoning diagnosis that was leaked to the public is “Ludacris” however he’s not interested in getting the CDC involved. For him it’s no longer about disease control – it’s about damage control.

Barnes doesn’t leave any room for Eph to argue, however Eph puts in the last word anyway: “Why would the military leave four surviving passengers?”

The Fourth Survivor

In episode 2, “The Strain” viewers discovered that survivors Captain Redford, Bolivar and Joan weren’t as healthy as they claimed to be. Episode 3 explored how the fourth survivor was holding up … and he was doing just as bad as the others.

Upon waking up, the fourth survivor noticed that his eyes had turned bloodshot, his mouth was bleeding and his teeth were sensitive. But with a wife and two kids, he doesn’t have the time to leave them again to seek help.

Unfortunately the house isn’t where he should be – and the family dog knows it. With the humming growing in his ear and a whispering sound joining in, the fourth survivor heads to the fridge and proceeds to drink the blood from a raw steak … with a frightening new tongue.

Vasiliy’s Discovery

Vasiliy has nothing to do with the Regis flight or the survivors, however he makes a pretty startling discovery in “Gone Smooth.” After leaving the apartment of the Mayor, who had an unfortunate rat problem, Vasiliy finds that the rats are openly running in the streets. But not just one or two – hundreds. Not only are they in the road, but they are fleeing the sewer systems.

Captain Redford’s Condition Worsens

Captain Redford might be the only survivor in the hospital, but that doesn’t mean he’s better off. Now confined to a plastic containment tube, the doctors treating Captain Redford are speculating that he has a rare form of meningitis. However Eph and Nora know that’s not the case. With no leads to point them in the right direction to help Captain Redford, Nora decides to go to Setrakian.

Setrakian’s in front of a judge due to his arrest at the airport and gives a pretty solid sob story. But he does run into one hiccup – his sword. The judge tells him that it’s a concealed weapon, and Setrakian tells him that it’s simply an antique piece that he uses for mobility. He promises to remove the blade and have it melted, and the judge allows him to walk free.

Nora watched the whole thing go down and realizes that it was all an act from Setrakian’s part. And while she’s desperate for help, she still can’t trust what Setrakian says.

For Setrakian, the only way to stop this thing is to find every last passenger and destroy not only the bodies … but anyone who has been in contact with them.

Jim’s Secret

Eph and Nora are overwhelmed with the Regis case, but Jim is nowhere to be found. Instead the CDC technician is at the Stoneheart group to see someone named Greg. But Greg doesn’t meet Jim – Eichhorst shows up instead.

Jim explains that he thought he was simply letting a medical cargo go, but he quickly realizes that there was more to the box now. Eichhorst tries to pay him off with the rest of the money that Greg owed him, however Jim doesn’t take it. When Eichhorst fails to tell him what was in the box or where the corpses are, Jim warns him that he’s going to the police. Unfortunately for Jim, Eichhorst knows how to keep him quiet – his wife.

Jim’s wife Sylvia has a rare strain of cancer and was denied from a research trial that could potentially cure it. Eichhorst informs Jim that the Stoneheart group backs the research trial and could easily reverse the decision to let his wife enter.

With Sylvia’s life on the line, Jim takes the money and tells Eichhorst that he’s only doing this to help pay for the treatment.

The Custody Hearing

Eph makes time for the custody hearing, but unfortunately that’s not enough. Zack tells the woman during the custody hearing that he only wants what’s best for his dad, and what’s best is allowing his dad to visit one or two weekends a month.

Needless to say, Eph is pretty upset and doesn’t understand how Zack doesn’t know that he’s the most important thing to him. But his ex argues that while Eph might verbally say how important Zack is to him, he doesn’t actually show it.


Downloads and video views for Bolivar are up ever since the Regis flight and his “biting” incident. However Bolivar’s cancelling his concert due to his voice.

His voice is the least of his problems though. The rock star’s doctor pays him a visit to prescribe some tranquilizers, Adderall and other drugs – and that’s when Bolivar drops his robe to reveal that something is very wrong with his “downstairs region.”

“The Strain” viewers were spared the visual, however it was so bad that the doctor said that Bolivar should have gone to the hospital … yesterday.

The Mystery Of Emma

Eph goes to the house of Emma, the young victim whose father called him in episode 2. But Eph doesn’t find Emma or the father. Since the door to the house was open, he walked inside and discovered the flight pin that Emma was wearing at the time of her death. Heading upstairs, Eph finds the bloody bathtub.

Fortunately a call from Nora forced him to leave the house … or he may have come across a disfigured Emma lurking downstairs.

Setrakian’s Plan

Setrakian might not be willing to help Nora until she can accept what needs to be done. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to wait around. The pawn shop owner hired a young girl to deliver him the passenger manifest in exchange for a video game system. When the girl asked why he needed the list he told her that he wanted to pay respect to the families … however viewers know better.

Bolivar’s … “Gone Smooth”

Bolivar didn’t listen to his doctor about going to the hospital. In the bathroom later that evening, the rock star discovered that he had lost almost all of his hair. Using the restroom, the sound of him urinating was disrupted by a disturbing “plop” noise. Bolivar didn’t seem too disturbed, and proceeded to flush. And when he turned around, viewers discovered that he had “gone smooth” and now resembled a Ken doll.

Captain Redford’s Transformation

Captain Redford didn’t stay in his plastic case for long. While he was being prepped for surgery, a nurse left for a moment – giving him the chance to escape. Jim found Captain Redford in the kitchen of the hospital … drinking a blood bag.

Captain Redford used his frightening new vampire tongue to attack both Jim and Nora. It wasn’t until Eph repeatedly bashed Captain Redford’s head in that the Regis survivor stopped … for good.

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